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Jeremiah Say

7th Month: August 2020 Summary

I was blown away by the exponential traffic growth in the month of August. 

I never thought I’d see this number in my first year with Gracious Quotes. (Scroll below to see August 2020 results). 

Hosting has been upgraded to the next tier in Mid-August (this community is running with CloudWays, Digital Ocean) but at this rate, I might have to upgrade to the next level tier again in September 2020. 

This is a good problem to have. I won’t hesitate to invest in quality hosting so that my readers can have a better user experience. 

My Main Concern (And I Need Your Help)

One thing that I’m worried though is the higher Bounce Rate and the decrease in Average Time on Site. This is something I have to focus on in September 2020 to improve user-experience.

If you’re a frequent user of this community, what is the one thing you feel could be improved on this site? It could be anything.

Please send your ideas to [email protected] or you can reach me at other mediums here.

I read all of your feedbacks personally and I will seize the opportunity to at least try them first and see if they work.

Monetization: My experience with Ezoic and Adsense (AUGUST 2020)

In August 2020, I stumbled upon Ezoic’s ad platform and decided to give it a go as there are many positive reviews out there. 

Apparently, many of Ezoic’s clients are seeing an increase in ad’s earnings from their site(s) – when they migrated from Adsense to Ezoic. 

After my first week with Ezoic, I concluded that the revenues are indeed higher than Adsense. In fact, it is close to 2x higher. 

However, I decided to part ways with Ezoic as I feel that the Ezoic’s ads are hurting user-experience and are slowing the site down quite a bit. 

I can’t see a future with Ezoic despite the higher ads-revenue and that is why I’ve decided to return to Adsense sooner rather than later. 

Put simply, I’m not interested in higher ad-revenues at the cost of user-experience. 

August 2020 Results:

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