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5th Month: June 2020 Summary

June 2020 is like a roller coaster (you’ll see why in the results below).

I migrated the theme from Genesis back to PenNews in the last week of June. It seems that GraciousQuotes’ readers prefer the layout of old PenNews rather than the sleek Genesis.

In the the first week of June 2020, Pinterest blocked by mistake and it took 1 week for them to rectify their mistake. It is heartbreaking because at that point we had over 6 million monthly impressions. It somehow disrupted the momentum.

However, this incident caused me to not want to rely on Pinterest for traffic for the long-term. I will still be posting to Pinterest but I won’t be focusing so much.

Finally, I switched the plugin from SEO Yoast to SEO Framework since my earlier sitemap.xml has an error. The switched results in gradual drop in SEO traffic for the first 3 weeks of June 2020.

The good thing about June 2020 is I took all the setbacks and turn them to opportunities. I went from publishing less than 30 posts every month to over 40 posts in June.

June 2020 Results:

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1 June 2020 to 30 June 2020

June 2020 Accomplishments:

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